Business Center Maritza is self-governing, non-religious and political independent Association and its objective is to support the development of family, small and medium-sized business in Haskovo region, to co-operate for accumulating new ideas, exchange of information and experience from the developed market societies with the aim to decrease of unemployment in the region, to support the non-government sector and to create favorable conditions for its development.

  • consultancies and advices in the field of production, markets, finances, business planning, taxes, legal framework, establishing and managing own enterprise, personnel selection and management, etc.;
  • research of markets in the country and in foreign countries;
  • development, management and reporting projects funded by European programmes and funds;
  • development of business plans, investment projects, economic justifications for credit requests from banks and other financial institutions;
  • organizing local public events such as seminars, working meetings, exhibitions, fairs and others to popularize local business;
  • organizing business meetings in the country and in foreign countries.
  • European programmes and funding institutions;
  • markets and companies in the country and in foreign countries;
  • relevant legislation to companies;
  • European and international standards.
  • start your own business;
  • business planning and marketing;
  • specialized and professional training upon clients reques.
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